Page 284 - 2018年工作报告书
P. 284


                  developed with reference to the curriculum standards issued by the Ministry of Education
                  and international general principles of the secondary education. As an example, for
                  the History subject, the content of national history is 57.36% while the world history is
                  42.64%. Hence, the national history constitutes more than half of the History syllabus.

              3.   Dong Zong and Jiao Zong wish to reiterate that they have always accorded respect to
                  Bahasa Malaysia as the national and official language. Bahasa Malaysia is a compulsory
                  subject  in  all  Chinese  independent  secondary  schools,  which  pride  themselves  on
                  producing trilingual talents. All schools also have Bahasa Malaysia Society to encourage
                  students to have a stronger command of the Malay language. For decades, Dong Zong
                  has been organising Bahasa Malaysia forums and competitions with Dewan Bahasa
                  and  Pustaka  for  students  of  Chinese  independent  secondary  schools  nationwide.
                  Some of the students even participated and won, in the choir and writing competitions
                  held by Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka. More importantly,  Dong Zong and Jiao Zong
                  are agreeable to the criterion of a credit in the Bahasa Malaysia paper in SPM as a
                  requirement for the Government to recognise UEC and to allow Chinese independent
                  secondary school leavers to enroll into local universities. All these show that the status
                  of Bahasa Malaysia as the national and official language will not be jeopardised at all
                  should UEC be recognised by the Government.

              4.   Dong Zong and Jiao Zong wish to stress that recognising UEC is an educational issue
                  and therefore, should  be handled  from an academic  point of view. Dong Zong and
                  Jiao Zong urge all parties not to politicise the issue and manipulate people’s emotions

              5.   The  Chinese  education  and  Chinese  independent  schools  in  Malaysia  have  always
                  been promoting national unity, harmony and mutual respect. As a part of the national
                  education system, the Chinese independent secondary schools have been nurturing
                  talents for the country for so long. Therefore, the relevant parties should stop sidelining
                  or discriminating against Chinese independent secondary schools. In reality, Malaysia
                  is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious country with a multi-stream school
                  system. These unique features are Malaysia’s wealth and strength. The contribution of
                  all citizens is needed to achieve prosperity, unity, harmony and progress. All Malaysians
                  – regardless  of their mother tongue  and their cultural,  religious  and  educational
                  background  – should  be allowed  to participate  in the country’s development  and
                  contribute to the country. All should be able to live with dignity and a sense of belonging.

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